Chartered in 1940, the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce has worked to improve the vitality of businesses and quality of life in the Crystal Lake area. The Foundation supports and extends the Chamber’s work in building and expanding business relationships by providing information, resources, and innovative initiatives such as the Foundation’s pioneering business/education internship program that pairs emerging leaders from McHenry County College with locally successful businesses.

The Foundation has also partnered with Community High School District 155 on their Career Internship Program.  The purpose is to help students evaluate specific career interests through relevant workplace experience.  As part of the experience, students who are enrolled in the Community H.S. D155 Career Internship Program will have nine weeks of instruction prior to the six week on-site experience.  The curriculum is designed to prepare students for success in the world of work.  Contact Steve Karlblom at 815-479-0404, ext. 5288 or for more information.