Career Exploration Program


Click here for the Career Exploration Program Application.

In an effort to educate and engage the community and help a select group of Crystal Lake South students, (initially) the Crystal Lake Chamber Foundation, the City of Crystal Lake, and Career and Industry in District 155 have established a Career Exploration Program for those individuals in need of successfully identifying their passion or forging a new career and reside in the Crystal Lake, McHenry County area.

Who is Eligible?

The Crystal Lake Chamber Foundation Career Exploration Program is open to any student who is a junior or senior from a Crystal Lake High School.  The Career Exploration Program will allow participants to spend a minimum of 2 hours a day over three days within a City of Crystal Lake department interacting with employees and staff, and receiving a more in depth study of a future career choice.

The purpose of this program is to give the participant an overview of day to day activities at a potential career choice with the intention that it could help the applicant to better define their life goals and livelihood.

The Career Exploration Program will also allow prospective departments to get a first glance at potential interns and future employees.

The Career Exploration Program will be active in January, February and March for applicants and their “ideal job” to connect.  Crystal Lake City departments who are interested in hosting this program are listed on the application with a job description. The Crystal Lake Chamber Foundation is working to promote new opportunities through a variety of business choices to help students have enough option to streamline the selection process in choosing the right livelihood for their career and passion.