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Preparing leaders for tomorrow is a Foundation priority. The Foundation administers a variety of scholarships for leading development that helps prepare emerging leaders for the future advancement of the business community and society.

Leaders in Action Scholarships

For 38 years the Crystal Lake Chamber has provided world class leadership training with it’s Leaders in Action program. This leadership school is an eight-week series of presentations by professional trainers designed to teach management skills.  In today’s market, it is more important than ever to continue increasing your skill set and this is a value you won’t find anywhere else. The Chamber is proud to be able to present this for only $195 for Chamber members and $245 for non-members. Your investment includes breakfast each week and all materials.  The sessions start January 9, 2014.

The Foundation has awarded eighteen scholarships for the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Leaders in Action program since 2010.  Scholarships are awarded based on a rating scale, which includes thoroughness of comments, information, verification and explanation, presentation of materials and financial need.  Foundation scholarships are only available to Crystal Lake Chamber members or their employees in good standing.

The deadline to apply for a Leaders in Action Scholarship was 12/13/2013.  Please try again next year.

Register for the entire eight-week program held on consecutive Thursday mornings from 7:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at clchamber.com or by contacting Anne O’Hara at ext. 13.

This year’s speakers are as follows:

BBlazier January 9th
The Happiness Advantage
Bob Blazier, Home State Bank

The Concept of the Happiness Advantage was generated at Harvard University through research directed by social psychologists. Lead by Shawn Achor, the program has been presented in over 45 countries for companies and not-for-profit organizations totaling 400 plus audiences. The concept of Happiness and its effect on human potential has created major interest. All Home State Bank associates have participated in the Happiness Advantage program.

  January 16th
Code of Silence:  Test of Leadership Courage
Dr. Kasthuri HenryLeading with your Soul requires a keen awareness of self and surrounding alongside the skill to deal with disharmony impeding the value congruence.  Our recent history is unundated with leadership failure resulting from varying degrees of organizational dysfunciton.  This session will explore one of the primary causes of dysfunction, Code of Silence, through business and social examples.
 Sue Dobbe web January 23rd
The Power of Personal Publicity:  How to Network Naturally
Sue Dobbe, Dobbe Marketing & PR, Inc.

Join Sue Dobbe and learn how to Make Noise! You’ll learn how to identify your unique message, target audience, sales advantage, call to action and image. You’ll be challenged to identify your unique advantage, plus how to incorporate key messages into everyday business and personal life. Telling others what is unique about you naturally enables them to refer clients to you accurately – and articulate why the connection will be mutually beneficial. You’ll leave this presentation with 25 tips to enhance your image and noise making capabilities!

 final karen franzen 9181 web January 30th
Leading Through Change
Karen Franzen

We live in a very fast paced culture that is continually changing.  Whether it is in our business or personal lives, change is inevitable.  One of the secrets to being successful in today’s world is how we handle change.  Who are you in the midst of change?  During this presentation you will learn how to empower others around you to successfully move through change.

 Scott on White web February 6th
Expand Your Interpersonal Listening Power:Hear What’s Not Being Said to Lead Most Effectively
Scott Seagren

How well do you listen to your direct reports and your customers?  Unfortunately, most of us listen only to strengthen the arguments that support our point of view – we fail to take into consideration the differing perspectives of others. Yet, to work through intensely emotional and/or controversial issues, we need to relate to others with curiosity and compassion. Through experiential exercises, you’ll learn three levels of listening, how to listen with curiosity and untethered fascination for what’s not being said.  Making this paradigm shift in listening builds the most crucial leadership core competency and allows your personal and professional relationships more freedom to thrive.

 Nick K web February 13th
Becoming a Transformational Leader
Nick Kachiroubas

This workshop explores fundamental leadership concepts including traditional, transactional, and transformational leadership. You’ll learn how to move from a traditional leadership model to understanding the importance of transformational leadership, as well as the leadership practices that are necessary to create a transformative culture, plus how to assess your own transformational leadership skills and gain insight on which practices can lead to improved leadership in the workplace.

 sandra_larkin hr web February 20th
Coaching in the Workplace – A “Must Do’ for Business Sustainability
Sandra Larkin

Today’s business environment is filled with doing more at a faster pace. As a leader of projects, people, or even peer to peer, coaching is a “must do” to achieve long term results and behavior change – and it’s usually the first thing that gets removed from our “to do” list because of a lack of time. You’ll learn a strategic coaching process that can be achieved in as little as fifteen minutes or expanded to any length of time; how to ask the right questions to help others to develop and buy into the coaching plan; how to take action by looking at the person from not only their challenges, but strengths and potentials; plus how to build relationships of trust and value by looking at things from other points of view.

 KIZER & BENDER web February 27th
GenerationSpeak:  Leading the Generations
Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender

How well do you know the people that you work with and sell to each day? Do you understand the nuances, attitudes and values of each diverse generation and why they are important to your personal success? Do you know their secret languages, favorite methods of communication, and how they buy? It’s dangerous when you don’t, because what works for one generation is Kryptonite to another! You’ll meet the four generations that make up today’s marketplace. You’ll leave armed with strategies, tactics, tips and techniques you’ll be able to implement the second you return to your business!